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About Alterna Verde


Alterna Verde  believes that each one has the ability to harness the immense potential of the earth’s supply and turn these into sustainable sources of energy with minimum to zero impact on the environment.

Our work is focused on helping create energy to power homes and industries from renewable sources using modern technologies that have been proven to reduce carbon emissions with greater efficiency while providing long-term cost savings.

Through our highly scalable and flexible systems, we make it possible for small farm owners to big-scale industry players transition to clean energy and contribute to the community where they live. Because we believe that nothing should go to waste, we have devised a variety of optimized solutions that are a perfect fit to the unique needs of our customers and respond to the pressing energy issues of today.

In the last three years, we have forged robust partnerships with leaders in the energy sector from South East Asia who also share our vision of a cleaner and better world. While we don’t claim to reinvent the wheel, our partners in the industry enable us to build a strong portfolio and offer energy generation solutions to the Philippine market with absolute confidence and deep respect for the environment.

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