We consume nature’s resources
faster than the Earth can replenish them.

AlternaVerde works toward environmental conservation through green energy,
making businesses more efficient and ecologically-sound.


Compressed Natural Gas | Compressed Biogas

Wind Energy

Low Speed Wind Turbines | Wind Farms


Bioethanol | Biodiesel


Hydrodynamic Screws

AlternaVerde believes that each one has the ability to harness the immense potential of the earth’s supply and turn these into
sustainable sources of energy with minimum to zero impact on the environment.

Helping the World to be a Greener Place

Turn your farm into a sustainable and high-yield business. Recycle farm waste into biogas with AlternaVerde’s anaerobic digesters and convert residual waste into bio-fertilizer for your crops.

Our work is focused on helping create energy to power homes and industries from renewable sources using modern technologies that have been proven to reduce carbon emissions with greater efficiency while providing long-term cost savings.

Shift to Natural, Renewable Energy

Biogas and wind energy are carbon-neutral, which means they don’t compound escalating greenhouse emissions. Are you ready to shift gear?

We Help Your Business Go Green

Because we work hand-in-hand with business owners, we empower them to make smart choices and be ecologically responsible in meeting their productivity targets.

Farming is a significant source of livelihood for many, but the organic waste produced from farms is also a major source of headache for owners.

Latest News and Updates

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2 days ago

Alterna Verde Corporation

Do you know what these bars represent? ...

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6 months ago

Alterna Verde Corporation

A great day for the environment.

Finally severe penalties for Environmental Rapists.

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8 months ago

Alterna Verde Corporation

Sometimes you need a break. But you can never stop thinking about the environment.

Something new for managing food waste in these islands... coming soon.

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8 months ago

Alterna Verde Corporation

7th Bioenergy Week for Capacity Building starts today.

Welcome delegates from around the world!

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